Think Before You Thank

25 Nov


Hello All.  Yes, it has been quite some time, almost a year infact, since I last posted.  I have, in that time, changed jobs twice, isolated and ignored my family, lost my one Big Love, tried to assimilate another innocent female in her place, failed miserably in that endevour, spent 8 days in an induced coma, and thus found myself now in a place of deep self awareness.

As I attempt to find myself at 46, I have come to understand that my best thinking has left me at a point in my life where having zero expectations and playing my cards day by day is my only option.  In walking this new path, I am re-aquainting myself with family and building better, healthier relationships with the people that matter.  That being said, there is a part of me so deeply wired in my moral conscience that no amount of character course correction will alter.

I am a Republican!

As much as I upset the apple cart on both sides of the Aisle, I most redily associate with the Right.  I may seem a social fence rider on occasion, a closeted Liberatarian even.  But in the grand scheme of things regarding fiscal responsibility, national security and the conditional protection of the unborn…I am a Republican.  Especially, now, today and each day we move forward to a surge in our populous, A La Syrian refugees and a census reduction, A La Terrorism on our soil. Moreover, we look forward to the cost of caring for an influx of consumers of whom will not be capable of contributing to their own wellbeing for a good long while .  We, I assure you, will be transporting, housing, feeding and providing health & child care for hundreds of thousands of people who will undoubtedly include small sects of radical Islamic fundamentalist.  We WILL be harboring terrorists.  It may only be 10 out of 100K.  But that’s enough to do plenty of damage in the name of their skewed beliefs.  These are not faithful Muslims.  Allah, or the God of Abraham, never commanded our obliteration any more than Christ spoke to the inquisitors of Spain.

Yes, we here at home grow our own brand of crazy like Timothy McVeigh.  Yes, more Americans are killed in Chicago annually than in Iraq.  Yes, school, college and military base shootings plague this country.  And yes, we don’t do nearly enough for our service men and women upon return from service- past and present.  And this is one issue of which even Spike Lee and I can share a platform.  We have plenty on our plate, no…our plate runneth over… with correctable issues right in front of us.  We don’t need to import terrorists and assassins; however few, among refugees needing food, shelter and clothing we have proven we don’t care enough to provide our own citizens.

Today I was blessed with a curious bit of trivia and other insights that inspired me to blog today;  0.04% of the United States does not have running water or sanitary facilities.  That’s over a million Americans that do not have a toilet or a faucet to make the absence of a toilet less disgusting.  Think long and hard on that.

Before the full moon passes tonight and the sun rises, sleep on what gratitude as A VERB would mean to your fellow Americans.  Think of the disheveled homeless couple pushing their grocery cart around Midtown (we’ve all seen them).  Think about the American serviceman that works at a menial job to support his family when his MOS doesn’t translate to any applicable civilian trade.  Think about the children in eastern Kentucky that will wake up in the middle of winter, walk down a frozen mountainside, break ice over a deep, unfettered stream and draw water to be used for food, drink and personal hygiene.  Then think twice about increasing our numbers with those who’s Devine calling is to reduce ours.

May God- and those charged with civil peacekeeping- protect our misguided American souls and peaceful American Muslims against those that have hate in their heart.  And may God Bless America.

Visit the website below to take your Gratitude into action

The Mission Continues


Without Representation

28 Nov



89%. That’s the number attributed to the workforce represented by my Latino working hands in the field. And they DO do the work many of my fellow Caucasians refuse or simply don’t have the nerve to do. That’s a fact, and we do not pick lettuce or peaches, we are Scaffoldriggers. We create a safe place to work where none exist, most often at heights that make the grown men using it freeze in fear. And the VAST majority of the ones up top, risking the most, use English as a second language.  This will certainly be the least revered posting by my fellow Republicans, but they already know that I do not believe that being a Republican locks me into the party line on every issue…and this is one in which my opinon is quite strong.

Years ago, before I hung up my tool belt and picked up a clip board [tablets didn’t exist then] I was the minority at work, actually still am. But I have said it before and I will say it many times more…”I Love Me Some Mexicans”. These men [and women] that I employ, show up before daybreak and drive home in the dark. They do so in the blazing summer heat and on frigid winter mornings. But beyond work ethic, and most importantly, they exemplify the word ‘Family’. They bring a sense of community to the workplace. They respect their elders and honor family above all else. They bring food- HOLY COW THE FOOD- every day with the intention of sharing what they have. On an average day, that results in a lunchtime buffet for all, because so many of them bring so much.

It’s the GIVING that inspires me to write this. And not just the food or time they willingly give to their fellow man. It’s the $6.5 Billion in taxes and Social Security contributions those looking forward to Amnesty contributed annually in the last decade. No refunds in spring. They work and pay into a number of programs of which they will not benefit any time soon. $6.5 BILLION. That from “undocumented” citizens. Double that, after adding employer contributions and then do some real math…$130,000,000,000.00 paid into the system in the last 10 years alone.

Don’t anyone ever tell me they are here stealing jobs or benefits again. Do you know who funds the SSDI check you get every month because you lost 10% use of your right arm playing high school baseball? Do you know who funds your Welfare check becasue you were too busy having kids to get an education? It’s a 45 year old undocumented Oaxacan! He pays for it by carrying 5 ton of bricks in a wheel barrow every day.  He does it to feed his family and yours with a piece of stainless-steel lodged in his hip, courtesy of a Minuteman on the north side of the Rio Grande. Do you know what he will get after he is provided amnesty and retires? NOTHING.

Under the current immigration law, which cannot be changed without a super majority in both houses of Congress, a newly documented citizen must work and pay into the system for a minimum 10 years AFTER documentation before they are eligible for Medicare, welfare or social security. So, actually, that man doesn’t retire. He will continue to work and find happiness in a humble existence that isn’t one plagued by civil unrest, banditos and rampant government corruption. And, most probably, do so until the day he dies.

They, like our forefathers, have come here to provide peace and happiness for their families. American Families. Are there criminals among them, Yes. There are criminals everywhere of every race, color and creed. Will deporting 11 million souls stop the crime from crossing our boarders, no. It’s stupid to suggest so.
So, as I gave thanks yesterday and watched my phone blow up with invitations and well wishes, all texted in Spanish, I realized how fortunate I am to know these wonderful people. They make me want to be a better person. If for no other reason than in the genuine way they inquire about mothers’ health and whether or not I have enough to eat today.

cuando decide permanecer en la ignorancia , que ha optado por permanecer un tonto .


Minority Rule

10 Nov


As I dive into new business, a new outlook and new lease on my personal life, I look back, or forward, at the New Guard Politic that’s come back around, again. We have heard little from the Tea Party inasmuch as they’ve recently enjoyed quite the same popularity levels as our POTUS. That’s what happens when you bang a big drum with a big stick claiming solutions to big problems with so little understanding of how anything works. My Grand Old Party knows, and so do the few Old Dems left that remember the pledge of 1994 freshman Republicans’ “Contract with America”.

Those were men and women of the people and their legacy lives on in those coming in January 2015, and hopefully strengthening in January of 2017. As Newt Gingrich stated on the trail to victory last month “This is not just a game, this is about how the free people govern themselves, and that [1994]class was as fine an example of that as I’ve seen in my lifetime.” I look forward to brighter days to come…

I look forward to the absence of rhetoric and naiveté perpetrated by ignorant young Democrats and even more unaware, young, misguided Republicans that spent the last few years dividing party strength in an effort to rebrand the GOP with infantile exuberance. When it’s not broken, don’t fix it. Everyone touts the “Reagan Era” but no one looks back for the model, they erroneously attempted to rebuild it with the wrong components. I am hopeful we have started to accumulate all the right parts this time.

I have spent the better part of the last 20 years working with and for people that feel it is necessary to build a better mouse trap or re-invent the wheel. When in fact, there is little more to do than realize the trap is fine, the mouse hasn’t gotten any smarter, only bigger. The wheels of progress still roll. It’s those that keep throwing the speed bumps of change in front of them that are to blame and, now lame, will certainly prove ineffective and stonewall by way of temper tantrum as the last 9 weeks of this class expire.

My advice, having spent the last 2 decades saturating myself with the process and building rudimentary algorithms to see past our immediate horizon…Patience. Saber rattling over the next two years will be good fodder for George Stephanopoulos and Chris Wallace. That’s all. When the smoke clears in 2020, provided that experience prevails over zealotry…we will be fine.

God Only Knows…

3 Sep


…Or maybe He doesn’t? I may believe that God has a plan for us, but I have recently come to understand that free will MUST be His way of keeping things interesting. I am fortunate to know an exceptional man who recently made me consider how boring divine perfection would be. To know everything that’s to come is an exercise in lackluster humdrum.

[In spite of excellence] The absence of human perfection, tethered to free will and all the psychosis that entails, is what some have come to know as a cruel joke perpetrated by a selfish God. I agree to some extent. However, I have no problem with my God being a selfish God. We were created in His image to serve Him, but also given the choice to go our own way. And this is where I see the joke, not cruel, but cunning. You too can see it, but you first need to put yourself in Gods shoes. I can do this, because I have had a lot of practice playing God in the course of my life and the lives those around me through the years. Thankfully, I have recently given up those reigns.

But I digress. As God; I am Omnipresent / Omnipotent / Omniscient. This doesn’t necessarily make me Omnichronal. I don’t have to know what is going to happen to be God. I don’t want to know what’s going to happen. Inasmuch, I may be all-knowing, but that just means I see everything as it happens. It doesn’t mean I see it coming and can use my Omnipotence to stop it. Many faithful Christians are cringing at this point, if not praying for me, in my moment of blasphemy. But think on this. Why Smite?

If you’re a parent and you have the ability to predict the failings and poor choices of your children, would you not protect them and instead just wait for them to screw up and then punish them after the fact? If you had the foreknowledge that your children would disappoint you to such an extent that you found it necessary to exterminate virtually ALL of them- and in some cases a handful at a time here and there- as a lesson to the righteous few, would you not take the steps to avoid putting yourself, and them, through such a travesty of the soul. Yes you would.

I now speak to those that are angry with God or choose to ignore His presence because they feel he has been absent, or allows bad things to happen. God may know everything, He may have a plan for us, but as we deviate from His will, we make our own way and I have to believe that God has no more idea what’s to come any more than we do.

“Okay” you say, “what about childhood cancer”. My answer may be harsh, but true. Consider the most aggregate understanding of “the sins of the father”. Wait- Wait!! I am not saying that a child gets cancer because his father was a rake and a rouge in a former life. But there was no disease- no pestilence- in the world God made. By our own devices we created an environment that kills us, ingest things that kill us and act on impulses that kill us. Our forefathers-forefathers started us on a tack to which we have tried, but presently fail, to recover from. That’s the heavy answer. And I neither think He saw that coming nor has He any idea when affliction will strike or whom. Showing faith in the healing power of God and the physicians that treat such disease is all that can be done. I cannot believe He LETS such things happen. So I won’t. You shouldn’t either. We’ve done it to ourselves.

Now, back to this free will thing that makes God laugh, cry and smite. God gave us the gift of free will that we would choose to walk a righteous path, just as you would rather your spouse or child love you honestly and genuinely. I do not want a woman that reveres and serves me out of fear. I certainly don’t want that for my children. I can’t imagine an existence where God can see the future we set for ourselves and chooses to do nothing about it. I also have to believe that by Grand design, we provide a fair amount of entertainment,…”what craziness we will they come up with next”, says God.

We humans have learned to take the good with the bad. Trying to balance our Karmic presence in the universe sometimes proves too taxing for some of us as we regularly falter. But we have fun getting wherever it is we think we’re going. God must too. And when you start to think that God has abandoned you , consider this…If you truly got everything you deserve, where would you be right now? A lot of us would be in prison or dead. Maybe we should all be grateful that life isn’t fair after all.


26 Aug


I have always been of the mind that men, in general, would be a society of unwashed minimum wage earners if it weren’t for women. Not because they make us bathe and earn. But because ambition, success and cleanliness are attractive. If there were no need to attract a mate, the absolute minimum for survival would suffice, for most of us. So, that is to say then, that men in general would be unwashed minimum wage earners if there were NO women.

But there are women. And in that, I can argue against those compelled to believe that competitiveness is a dominant gene inherent in most men. It is, surely. But what are you competing for? Absolutely every war story, fact or fiction, holds at its beginning the loss of woman or land. So here still is the chicken or the egg debate. He with the most land wins? Wins what? You have the land, you have the resources, you have the money, you have the power…you have the woman. Because you are an attractive prospect. No matter what, it always goes back to the woman…ask poor Adam.

So, if it is in our true nature to solely address our basic needs, how silly is it to tell us that to become more or better, requires that we do it only for ourselves…OR IT WON’T WORK. poppycock! We men make changes under duress. We change because we are in love. We change because we fear prison. We change because we fear God…or the Devil. These changes may make us better men, but is not better men that must make changes. It is those of us that struggle with the innate, the instinctive. Baser instincts drive the [possibly] lesser evolved male and it is only the promise of companionship, or the threat & reality of losing it, that truly motivates us.

I am simply a hairless ape. I may want to be a better person. I may be willing to wage war against foe or affliction. I may choose to shave and shower every day. But it is to feed my own desire to live and die in the company of a loyal and loving woman. Don’t tell me true change only happens as a result of self-preservation. I can make a bow, shoot a squirrel, skin and cook it just fine on my own…good luck finding a woman that will share that meal with you. However, I do understand those that say if you make a change in the name of love and that love fails you, you too will fail or regress. That is statistically true by all accounts. But beyond accounting for failures, there exist the undocumented successes.

The fact of the matter is, everyone I know who has experienced positive changes in their relationships, got there with the willingness to understand and learn and change together- in tandem. So, men, when you chose to change your ways, do it for the right reasons and don’t ever let anyone tell you that love isn’t enough or wrong. Chances are, you alone are not going to be enough, and that’s just the truth of nature. Coupling is our basest instinct of survival. Its science, look it up.

Idiots Abound

14 Jul


Leave it to jackwads like Mike McAuliff at the Huff to supplant the word “Ignorant” with “Stupid” in his online Op-Ed, which is regularly hidden behind the veil of true journalism. In a recent [*]article, Mr. McAuliff regurgitates numerous congressional quotes regarding genetically modified organisms (GMO’s) and actually writes little more than his headline. A headline that in its nature deeply resembles an outright lie. I wish I had more time these days to cite the unfathomable amount of erroneous postings, misdirection and absolute lies that have been inundating social media recently. So I will simply say this; Ignorance is not Stupidity. Inasmuch, those too stupid to recognized propaganda disguised as press are doomed to remain ignorant to the facts.


Oh, and I will say this ONE MORE TIME.  The Benghazi inquisition isn’t about how many embassy’s were attacked and how many were killed in a comparison of GW and Obama.  It is about what was done during the moments of the attack…or better yet, what wasn’t done.  To continue to use all of these tragedies as a ball to volley into a court it does not belong is the height of disrespect of those we lost… and those who still suffer.


There Are Three Pointing Back At You

5 Jun


There is so much contrived BS being posted all over Facebook regarding “The Swap”, I have to post a short note. This is the United States of America. We DO NOT negotiate with terrorists. We may aid and abed future terrorists under the guise that the enemy of my enemy is my friend, Such was the case in 1970’s and 1980’s Afghanistan. BUT, we do not bargain or trade with known terrorists. When a call for the release of a POW is made by the people and its Representatives, it is understood that it is done in the course of diplomatic action, and in the face of diplomatic failure, military extraction. No trade, no negotiations. And when someone says, 5years ago, that they are praying for a POW, their families and fellow service men, should they later be called a hypocrite when calling out the shameful acts of that POW as the facts come into public view?  And even in knowing I pray for my enemies.  Righteous mothers of murdered children pray for the families of the murderer, that they too may find peace.

The fact remains, anyone can twist anyone elses words to make that person seem stupid or heartless or hypocritical and, frankly in this instance, I don’t care if Sarah Palin IS stupid or hypocritical. I am just tired of people saying “Obama did what you asked, he got him out” when the proper course of action would be to extract him. Not trade him for 5 captains of global terrorism knowing full well there are now 6 formerly incarcerated terrorists freely roaming the planet.

I was asked 2 years ago to start a blog and stop posting my rants on Facebook. I needed an outlet, they said. Well I got one. And I pay for it with my hard-earned money and make none in return for my thankless service to the under-informed. Yet here I am with my finger poised over the “unfriend” button. I’m deciding whether or not I want to continue to be inundated by the nonsensical convolution…the rabble that continues to be roused in my otherwise intelligent family and friends by Politico’s that should be using their time and limited gray matter writing something more useful… like romance novels.

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